Iowa State: recap a la photo

Texas A&M - 73
Iowa State - 49

Against a dangerous team, the Ags took care of business and made it looks easy, all while racking up significant minutes for the bench that should payoff dividends down the road this season.

despite choosing to resign from the team and work exclusively on football, Martellus was still there behind the bench supporting the team.

guess who else was there? drunken fool #1 from the Oklahoma State game.. on the JUMBOTRON!

AK's popularity in Aggieland has reached rockstar status, I too will admit to possibly wetting my pants when i've seen him around town.

his popularity is highlighted by the dozen or so Lithuanian flags dotting the student section.

Carter going up strong for a rebound. If Carter's play were more consistent, it would be so much easier to make predictions about the rest of the season, when he's up, we can take down kansas and run the table on the rest of our schedule. When he's down, I worry about losing to Baylor at home 2 weeks from now.

Kirk about to own Rashon Clark. Kirk and the Ags plastic-bag-over-your-face defense held the Cyclones to 30.9% FG% on the night. It'll be interesting to see who Gillispie picks to guard Durant on Monday, my initial thought is Kirk, but the height mismatch might be too great.

thank you baby jesus, the dance team finally got new uniforms. goodbye trashy solid maroon velvet...

...hello new black..wait what was i talking about again.

"Hey Wes, McDonald's called, they want their jerseys back!" ISU Freshman, Wesley Johnson, can't help but smile and laugh as the Rowdies gave him crap all night. Anything ranging from the jerseys to why the hell he decided to leave texas and go play at Iowa State.

Brian Davis had a frustrating night. He played phenomenally well in terms of putting himself in position to score and shutting down his man, but he just couldn't get anything to get in the hoop... unless it was a freethrow like this.

Joe Jones and AK cheer on their buddies who finally get some PT. I'm pretty sure EVERYBODY on the bench got some playing time that night.

The crowd let out an eerie cheer as Jerrod took the court. Excited to see him get his first minutes of the season, terrified at the thought of our future football messiah getting injured.

The hardworking little manager of the floor boys is dejected after hearing that ESPN's Pat Forde named Reed Arena "The Ugliest Basketball Court in America".

Athletic Director Bill Byrne's reaction after the game in the media workroom when told of Forde's column: "So some little writer from ESPN doesn't like our court? Tell him he can shove it up his scrawny little ass."

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