Mid-Blog Crisis

In what appears to be a mid-blog crisis, we're looking for a new identity. The truth is, I've grown tired of the ambiguous spelling/meaning behind The 12th Manchild. After giving myself a couple of weeks to try to come up with some good names, those are the two that I've decided upon and more importantly aren't already owned by someone. I would really appreciate yall's input (poll in the corner), if you have a better name, post it in the comments, and yes, "AggieAssbag.com" is already taken..so sorry guys. Thanks yall!


AgRyan04 said...

You probably don't want any advice from a guy who has the web's longest and most difficult website name ever ;)

Let me advise you that a well thought out name makes things a lot easier.

Willy Mac said...

I say stick with the 12th Manchild... you can't quit now. I mean hell, you're established as such.

Red Andrews said...

For what its worth, BearMeat likes 12thManchild, but if you had to change the blog title to something as equally Aggie and witty, we suggest:

1. the 98 Percenter (as opposed to the 2 percenter)

2. Saw 'Em Off (our favorite A&M saying - but may be too TU-focused)

3. CollegeStationNation (sounds cool)

Good luck,

Red Andrews

Run Up The Score! said...

Seriously, this is just about my favorite blog name. Stick with it.

Anonymous said...

You have an AWESOME name that plays off the tradition your school is most famous for.

Why, why, why would you change it to something really, really, really dull and unremarkable?

This kinda reminds me of this ABC sitcom that was gonna be called "Let's Rob Mick Jagger," a title that would've drawn hoards of viewers. But suddenly, ABC changed the name to "The Knights of Prosperity." And nobody's watching.

So, please keep the name...

(BTW, I'm a Cal fan who started reading your blog in the run-up to the Holiday Bowl.)

John said...

Keep the name. It is wonderful.

Paul Westerdawg said...

pick something that will google well. That's my advice.

If that won't work or you want something funny/cool, then surf around the SBNation blogs. They have great names over there.

My suggestion (not a great google search)

"The Thin Boot Line"

Paul Westerdawg
Georgia Sports Blog

Red Andrews said...

Arise from your blog-slumber, 12th Manchild, the Baylor hordes are at your gates. BearMeat has yet again declared war on your school. How will you defend yourselves?

Red Andrews

AgRyan04 said...

By beating you.


For the 6th consecutive time.

whitney said...

here are my suggestions for potential new site names-


they are both real winners!!