Loco about the Logos

What's with the Big XII and logo disputes this year?

The University of Missouri is planning to sue a College Station high school for infringement if it does not cease & desist.

Mizzou logo:

A&M Consolidated HS logo:

while it is clearly an infringement, it's interesting that the school singled out (i've seen plenty of HS logos in Texas alone that infringe on many Big XII logos) is located two miles from the Texas A&M campus.

Revenge for what Jorvorskie Lane did to their defense, and subsequently their season, last fall?


Red Andrews said...

Welcome back, King of the Aggie Bloggers. Glad to see you weathered the crisis and stuck with your old name, which we at BearMeat prefer.

Re: logos, we hear that the B's attempt to promote itself as a national university has caused some problems with Boston University, since both use the interlocking "B and U". I sure hope we don't abandon that symbol, but I wouldn't mind a Bear Paw or outline of a bear, like the Chicago Cubs.

John said...

12th Manchild:

Love your site, glad you didn't change your name.

I'm wondering if you'd be interested in writing for AOL's Fanhouse. I'll happily give you more details if you drop me a line at johnness05@aol.com. I'm not sure I can fit everything in your comment box. (Apologies: I can't find an email address for you anywhere.)

Thanks, JCN

Ross Taylor said...

granted, i hate to talk shit about the school i will be attending for the next four year, but do NOT tell my mizzou tigers to do any research at irving high school.

the logo is an EXACT ripoff. at least a&m consolidated photoshopped/personalized/molested it a litte.

check out irving: http://www.irvingtigerfootball.com/images/banner.gif