Texags.com breaks OU/Bomar story...last January.


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aggiegrant06 (posted 1:30a, 1/30/2006):

I ill try to be as discrete as possible, because i din't want to implicate someone and then get sued. My girlfriend works in the office of a large dealership where we live. She has only been there about a month, and she was dealing with handing out payroll checks. She didn't recognize several of the names, and asked her boss. Her boos told her that she would take care of them, and that it was no big deal. She thought it was fishy and asked me....the checks were made out to football players of the local University, and even though they had never actually been to work there, they were recieving HUGE!!!! pay checks. On top of this a player was in buying a car recently, and when she say the finance stuff, he had only paid about 1/100th of the sticker price. Is this legal?

...of course, nobody believed him. after being accused of being a bored liar he had this to say:

aggiegrant06 (posted 2:27a, 1/30/2006):
I am not lying, and I am not bull****ting. The school is OU, and the specific player is Bomar.

3 hours later, Mods locked the thread and it gathered dust in the forum archives...until 8/03/06.

"TexAgs - We know stuff" ..we just might not realize it

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P.S. - if you're an investigator for the NCAA or a journalist for a major newspaper in the Big XII region, i found the identity of aggiegrant06 and his g/f who worked at Big Red Sports & Imports. i take payment in the form of cash, paypal, and guarantees of OU's decline.

-- Update 8/08 --

Stewart Mandel of SI.com reports on the TexAgs posting

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