"Not so fast my friend"

With the news of OU's dismissal of Bomar and Quinn, surely Longhorn fans everywhere are gloating and riding high on the sadness of their Sooner buddies and co-workers ("Ohhh, the tears of unfathomable sadness, mmm, yummy… yummy you guys!"). It is with more of a spirit of hatred for Texas than pity for OU, that i bring you these gems:

1) that is most certainly NOT how we do it in Texas
2) i'll take a photoshopped truck in a lake over that guy anyday of the week

Mack Brown cameo in the sure to be short-lived TV series based on the movie, Friday Night Ligths. It's like he's not even acting. Here's hoping my first YouTube upload stays up for awhile before either NBC has it pulled for copyright issues or the Longhorn blogosphere petitions YouTube to have it pulled in order to preserve their fearless leader's non-Krzyzewski-like (sellout/whore) image.

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