OU's season goes BOOMER SOONER than expected

bomar is an idiot

as reported by the AP tuesday night and announced by OU wednesday, starting QB Rhett Bomar was permanently booted from the Sooners football team for collecting unearned funds from his booster-owned employer. According to ESPN's Joe Schad:

Bomar apparently filed for 40-hour work weeks at a Norman, Okla., auto dealership, making up to $18,000, when he only worked 5 hours a week,

His employer? Norman, OK's Big Red Sports & Imports. Sound familiar? it should. Big Red Sports & Imports is the same dealership at the center of Adrian Peterson's SUVquasi-scandal. Not only did Big Red Sports & Imports employ Sooner athletes, it was also the official supplier of cars for OU Athletics Coaches and Staff.
although Oklahoma University (emphasis on the University...not the Athletic Dept.) should be commended for initiating and completing a thorough investigation, it is more than obvious that there was (is?) a culture of shady benefits institutionalized in OU's football program. Many will commend Stoops for the tough decision of dismissing Bomar (and his roommate J.D. Quinn) possibly sacrificing a season that was all but assured a BCS berth before the first snap. Yet, tonight in Norman and all over the state of Oklahoma, there will be people praying that the NCAA gods are satisfied with their holocaust and will spare Norman the same fate as Sodom, Gomorrah, Tuscaloosa, and Dallas.

the race for the Big XII south is now wide open. i can't think of a time when there was such parity between the top 4. (and yes, A&M is included in the top 4...jackasses)

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