Update Your Bookmarks

welp, we're moving. It's been in the works for a while now, and it's finally official. I'm leaving blogspot and joining the SportsBlog Nation network of blogs. Thanks to yall's input, I'll still be writing under 'The 12th Manchild' alias, the only difference will be a new site layout.

Please update your bookmarks to this address: The 12th Manchild.com

I encourage all of you to come on over and register (takes two seconds) and say hello.

Thanks & Gig 'em,

The 12th Manchild


Brian said...


Since you're using Feedburner for the feed here you can easily go in and point it at the new feed and all your RSS subscribers will automatically start getting the new content.

you're so indie said...

your request has been filled.

p.s. bonnaroo was sick. go next year with me (again).