Big XII Bracket

yeah, so i already missed two games thanks to a sodomy inclined Game Theory midterm today, but here's my bracket for the Big XII tournament:

  • Ags over longhorns, will probably end much the same way as 2.28, except this time Acie isn't all by himself.
  • After watching much of the K-State vs. KU game earlier this season, While I see no reason why K-State won't give KU a run for their money, KU doesn't lose this game.
  • A great game that will help both teams prepare for the Dance, I wouldn't put money on either team, but my gut goes with KU.


Willy Mac said...

Good luck, I've already signed off for basketball for the year. I'm already into full on spring football mode.

Red Andrews said...

Baylor over UT. Then A&M. Then Kansas. Then Jesus and His Angels. We cannot be stopped ManChild. [See how one conf tourney victory goes to our heads?]