Aggie Baseball

The baseball team is off to a fantastic start in 2007. The Ags are currently at 15-2 in coach Childress' 2nd year, with key wins over #1 Rice and last year's champs, #7 Oregon State.

Everybody remembers last year's great start followed by disastrous conference play. The question on everyone's mind is whether the Ags can translate their current success into the Olsen Magic that we've yearned for since the late 90's.

The staple of the Aggies so far this season has been solid pitching from the mound, mostly from these two:

Kyle Nicholson (left) leads the bullpen in ERA (1.12) Innings Pitched (24) and K's (21). Scott Migl (right) is 2nd in ERA (2.35) and leads the team with the 3 Wins.

Nicholson picks off a runner in the Ags' sweep of UT-Arlington


AgRyan04 said...

Nicholson has been flat out amazing. He started very strong last season but not close to what he's done this year. He hit a wall around mid-March last year so we'll see how he does this year. I'm willing to bet that he will continue to play well.

The hitting is the biggest difference this year. We've hit in the clutch and we've hit against good opponents. Craig Stinson and Blake Stouffer have been men among boys.

Also, I believe the photo of Migl is actually fellow freshman Michael Heard. Migl is #34.

Brad said...

you're right, I'm an idiot. I meant to post a pic of Migl instead. You've probably paid more attention than I have, I've been to a few of the games, but just to shoot. I'm definitely lookin forward to your baseball analysis.